1st Impression

“A long road paved with beers and tears” is a really well thought out explanation to the extensive story of Marley Marvelous and his ’94 Toyota. Growing up in the mountains of small town in California, Marley made a name for himself in the minitruckin' world when the scene was just starting, but by no means is this an overnight success story. Standing in the local drug store, MAD Magazine was the choice of literature for Marley until the day an issue of Truckin’ Magazine caught his eye. This began to fuel the fire, but it wasn't  until he got his hands on his first issue of Minitruckin' Mag that the madness began. From that point on, the blazing inferno has never ceased. The over the top modifications, paint schemes and lack of fear of stepping outside the box that minitruckers portrayed caught Marley’s attention and seemed to be the best fit for him. Being on his own at the ripe age of 17, young Marley supported himself financially with his Xtreme Lowz family right by his side. Many opened up their homes and invited him in when he needed them most. His club has always been a vital part of his life and provided a great deal of support when it came to his minitruckin' lifestyle.


Starting out with the help of his late grandmother, Marley picked up his 1994 Toyota and began working down the long road ahead. Motivation for his project was found drawn all over class notebooks and plastered on his walls in the form of torn out pages of Minitruckin' Magazine. Wanting his truck to be featured and seen as inspiration to anyone searching for ideas was a driving factor in his creation named 1st Impression. Working through the highs and lows of completing each modification one at a time, this metallic blue pearl masterpiece, painted by Carlos Villalobos, has inched closer and closer to its end goal.


Moving the truck closer to the ground and adding a Leer Cab-Hi shell marked the beginning of the lengthy build history. In the last 20 years, the truck has been featured in multiple magazines, received numerous sponsors and become a family member in Marley’s life. In this time, the truck has been fitted with a Z’d front clip, four link rear suspension, custom transmission crossmember, step notch and Slam Specialties RE7 bags. The 18 inch Devino Road Concept wheels have the three inch traditional body drop skating in style while the Memphis stereo system, installed by Marley and Cody Williams, provides the cruising music. Weekend long events and truck runs are some of the fondest memories that Marley mentions when telling his story and have been made far more comfortable with the black street suede and vinyl upholstery stitched up by North County Upholstery. The monument of near perfection that is 1st Impression has slowly become a symbol of the rough beginnings and what hard work will achieve.


The gentleman you see today has weathered many storms and ultimately credits his grandmother for who he has become. Many upgrades and modifications on the truck have been completed by Marley himself, but the truck would not be where it is without the help of many individuals. Special thanks are extended to the entire Xtreme Lowz club for all of their continuous support, his wife, Rachquel, for always being right beside him through anything and his sponsors Devino, Kinetik, CanDo, Extreme Audio, Eye Kandy Designs and Escondido Metal Supply. All of us here at Common Treads Magazine would like to thank Marley for opening up to us about his experiences and sharing his story. We are excited to see what the next 20 years has in store.


1994 Toyota

Owner: Shawn "Marley Marvelous" Anderson - Escondido, CA

Club: Xtreme Lowz

Text: Dakota Brantley

Photos: Brian Taksier

Check out the full feature in Common Treads Magazines Issue 21. Click the photo to grab a copy!

Check out the full feature in Common Treads Magazines Issue 21. Click the photo to grab a copy!