Never Lose Your Direction

Often times we get busy wrenching away in the shop and our minds wander to many different places. Thoughts of “what if” instead of “what’s next” can really put a damper on our progress. While we all might have our perfect idea of what our finished product will look like, we have to stay on the right path to make sure we reach our goals. I personally am very guilty of this on my own projects. While it’s perfectly fine to switch gears and go a different route after experiencing some inspiration at the last show, we must be careful to never lose our direction. We don’t always move forward. Sometimes we have to back up and take a step to the left to make sure we are building something safe for our families to enjoy as well as keeping other drivers on the road in mind. It’s ok to lose progress if it’s for the betterment of the overall build and safety. It’s ok to take the path less traveled in order to create something truly spectacular. Progress doesn’t always mean moving forward. Just as a compass has 360 degrees of movement, we also have the ability to move up, down, left and right to dodge obstacles, reroute to a better path and also just to change the scenery on our journey. 


Here at Common Treads Magazine, we have had some pretty tough situations dealing with some printing company problems with the last few issues of the magazine. I have wondered many times why this happened after roughly six years of fairly smooth sailing, but we made it over the speed bump. Then on the very next issue, what seemed to be tragedy, decided to strike again. Both were pretty big setbacks for us at CTM and at the same time we had a FEW people try to kick us while we were down. While that was a little discouraging, we quickly realized that we don’t need those people and our true supporters are who we need to focus on. And that’s exactly what we did and continue to do, just like we have from Day 1 in 2012!  We have goals for Common Treads Magazine and we have a very sharp focus on quality. One of our goals has been to ramp up our online presence and that really kicked into gear with our online show coverage. The amount of visits to the CTM website to view show coverage is astounding and has proven to be a valuable tool for the shows and their promoters. Not only are we seeing the massive amounts of traffic, but we are seeing the photos being saved and shared across various social media platforms. CTM is GROWING and I feel it’s a combination of us always facing forward, even when having to maneuver around broken bridges to find another passage and the continued support from YOU!  Each and every one of you are appreciated and are a valuable part of what we are doing here at Common Treads Magazine. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. 


During my time pondering on this idea and how it all fits together with both our builds and Common Treads Magazine....or any other area....I thought about a new shirt idea using a compass. Obviously the compass relates to the idea of never losing your direction but the anchors are their to symbolize standing firm in what you believe in.  No matter what it is, if it’s worth believing in, it’s worth standing for! Just remember, a compass doesn’t always display what you think you know.....but it ALWAYS points north so you NEVER LOSE YOUR DIRECTION!


If you’d like to order our newest CTM shirt, click on the following link.  Let the world know that you will never lose your direction and maybe help steer someone back on track at the same time!